Thought Culture: Practical Mental Training

What is thought? The answer is not an easy one, although we use the term familiarly almost every hour of our waking existence. The dictionaries define the term “Thought” as follows: “The act of thinking; the exercise of the mind in any way except sense and perception; serious
consideration; deliberation; reflection; the power or faculty of thinking; the mental faculty of the mind; etc.”

It is this faculty or power of thought—this use of the intellect, that has brought man to his present high position in the world of living things. In
his early days, man was a much weaker animal than those with whom he was brought into contact. The tigers, lions, bears, mammoths, and other
ferocious beasts were much stronger, fiercer, and fleeter than man, and he (man) was placed in a position so lacking of apparent equal chance of survival, . . .